Frontier Service Design. We work with you to identify, build and launch new service offerings that create new sources of revenue for your organization and delight customers.


Are you in a service business, or responsible for service revenues?

  • Are you struggling to hit your numbers?
  • Are your customers demanding more, for less?
  • Has the Internet made your business so transparent that it’s hard to maintain your margins?

If so, you’re not alone. Here are the cold hard facts…

  • About 80% of America’s GDP is now represented by services, as opposed to products.
  • The Web has made it very easy for buyers to search, compare and select among service providers, making it easier than ever to switch at a moment’s notice.
  • Services are unique, intangible, and complex. They can’t be stored or owned, they are consumed as they are produced, and they happen over time.

To survive and thrive in this environment, you need to rethink your services – and overall business – from the perspective of your customers. To do that, you need service design.

Frontier Service Design can help you…

  1. IMPROVE your existing service(s) so that your customers love them, starting with a Service Experience Audit (aka “S.E.A.”)
  2. IDENTIFY entirely new service revenue opportunities that leverage your core expertise, starting with our Collaborative Development Process (aka “Co-Dev.”)

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