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Improve Existing Services

For too long, companies have believed that their success was dependent on a never ending stream of new customers. That’s why over $150 billion is spent annually on advertising in the United States every year, and more than $350 billion globally.

While we’re all in favor of attracting and getting new customers, we believe that keeping the customers you have is just as important. Imagine having a bucket with a bunch of holes in the bottom; the more water you pour in the top, the more you lose out the bottom. This is how most organizations work today.

Our expertise lies in helping you eliminate those “holes” with our Service Experience Audit, which helps you keep your best customers longer.

Through our time-proven Service Experience Audit, we will:

  • Go through your service experience from beginning to end, as though we were new or existing customers.
  • Document the service experience with photos, video and/or audio recording, as applicable
  • Look at all aspects of the service experience with “fresh eyes” including (but not limited to) aesthetics, communication, support materials, environment, people, ambience, etc. all within the context of time
  • Do a post analysis which will uncover what’s good, bad or just “off” about the current service experience that your organization provides.
  • Deliver a final multimedia presentation which will include an overall score (A, B, C, D, F) and specific explanations of what we’ve discovered, specific recommendations for easy, short-term fixes and broader recommendations for new service revenue opportunities.

Duration and Cost: Obviously each business is different, but typically, a Service Experience Audit will take anywhere from 3-7 business days. This includes 1-2 days for preparation, 1-2 days “on-site” and 2-3 days for compilation of the final report.  Costs will be dependent upon the complexity and duration of the audit. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and we can quickly provide a time and cost estimate.

This all starts with a simple conversation. So either send us an email or call us at 610-440-4027 today!

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