Frontier Service Design. We work with you to identify, build and launch new service offerings that create new sources of revenue for your organization and delight customers.

Identify New Services

We don’t have to tell you that the world of business is rapidly changing. You see it every day.

But too often, what is overlooked are the opportunities that are right at your feet. We work with companies like yours to understand what business you’re really in, and then look for opportunities to drive new revenue through new services. Sometimes, the new service is an extension of what you’re already doing, while other times, it leverages a particular asset you have. These assets could be people, technology, expertise, proximity, etc.

This is our expertise – finding the intersections between your firm, what customers want, and what technology enables. But how do we do that?

It all begins with the Collaborative Development Process.  Simply put, the “Co-Dev” brings our team (and our expertise) to your company with the singular goal of helping you uncover new services. The Co-Dev has helped clients transform their business with new services, or helped them “see” new lines of revenue through service ideas we generate together.

How Does It Work? We spend a day researching your business, your market and your competition. Then you and your team spend a half-day with us brainstorming ideas to create more authentic, memorable and profitable service experiences. From there, we spend another day or two compiling our results and recommendations. Our Co-Dev deliverables will include:

  • A review of your existing service including a “journey map” of your customers’ current service experience
  • Recommendations for new services that leverage your core expertise and current assets
  • High level launch ideas for those new services

Cost and Duration: Since our solutions are customized to fit your needs, so is the price. Also, know that the fee will be applied to any future service implementation projects designed by Frontier. But there is really no risk in the Co-Dev Process, because if you’re not 100% satisfied with the Co-Dev session, tell us before we leave that day and we will refund your entire fee. No questions asked.

What have you got to lose? Only the status quo.

Send an email or call us today at 610-440-4027 to discuss how our Collaborative Development Process can help your company!

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