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Info724 Ltd.

“lnfo724 Ltd. is a management and information technology consulting firm that has earned a reputation for exceptional quality and customer service in the mid-Atlantic region. We primarily serve middle market companies in the financial services and insurance industries and like our competitors, we were operating in an economy that was not particularly favorable to the field of information technology consulting.

I engaged the services of Frontier to play a strategy role, and from the outset, I was impressed with the creative approach and independent perspective. Frontier helped me rethink our longer-term strategy and then guided me through a methodical process of redefining a market position for us in the insurance industry that optimizes our potential within a realistic framework.

One of the great benefits of Frontier is the ability to guide a leader with the transition from simply planning through the more difficult and rare quality of excellence in execution. I was able to grow my business by a factor of 20% in a very short period of time.”

-Peter Kraynak, Managing Director

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