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Griswold Special Care

“As the president of a multi-national family-owned business with no outside board members, it is sometimes difficult to gain perspective in
certain situations. We have an extremely talented corporate staff, nonetheless, there are times when I choose not to share certain information and concerns with these staff members. Having a trustworthy outside counsel such as you has been invaluable.

I should also make comment that you are no ordinary outside advisor. While the bulk of your expertise is in a different industry than mine, I consider this an asset rather than a deficit. You are able to see the forest while I am sometimes lost in the trees. You are able to quickly dissect issues with an uncanny precision and return many keen insights. I feel that my time with you is very well invested. And, perhaps most of all, I appreciate your no holds barred approach. My staff may hesitate to question a decision or approach, but you have the self-confidence and the intellectual stature to make me reassess when it is in my best interest to do so.

I will certainly call on you again when I encounter new problems and find a need for your strengths and talents. In the meanwhile, I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that I am indeed thankful for your help and guidance.”

-Kent C. Griswold, President

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