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Advanced Automation Associates

“As CEO of Advanced Automation, I faced a market place that was rapidly changing and didn’t feel our incremental planning and organic growth was going to allow us to survive. We began to look outside for a fresh perspective and help in creating a fresh strategy. We had gone through several consultants before we connected with Bob Cooper.

Some highlights:

  • Getting a very big picture perspective on where the industry was heading in the future and how to position into the higher value areas.
  • Defining a recurring revenue stream that helps off-set spiky project revenues.
  • Finding key management members from his network
  • Interviewing experience in qualifying key management members.
  • Showing harsh reality of the shortcomings of some long time employees who you may just be “used to”.
  • Making introductions to other founders/CEOs of other professional service businesses from his network.
  • Playing an active role in the positioning the company to potential strategic buyers in order to maximize value.”

-Bob Zeingenfuse, President/CEO

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