Frontier Service Design. We work with you to identify, build and launch new service offerings that create new sources of revenue for your organization and delight customers.

About Us

Frontier Service Design, LLC is one of the first design firms in the United States to focus exclusively on service design. This makes sense since about 80% of the US economy is made up of services, as opposed to products. To that end, we provide integrative thinking and actionable solutions for companies that want to increase or diversify their revenues. Our specialty lies in helping companies identify, build, and launch entirely new sources of revenue. In addition, we help our clients refine and enhance existing service experiences for their customers, employees, and recruits.

We combine disciplines of business analysis, sociology, technology, user experience, and usability. We’re not a traditional ad agency nor are we an interactive agency nor are we a management consulting company. We’re sort of a mix of all three.

At the highest level, Frontier Service Design is an innovation company. As service designers, we combine hard-headed business analysis and knowledge with the softer, more intuitive, and curious perspective of a designer, always asking, “Why?” and “What if?” We apply different models from different industries to your business and we discover new ways to generate revenue. In some cases, you’ll have to rein us in – but we’d rather reach too far than not reach far enough.

We want to expand your thinking (okay, blow your mind). And in the end, we want to give you a new perspective on your business. However, whereas most consulting firms deliver a white-paper or roadmap, Frontier Service Design takes the strategy all the way through implementation . We use principals gleaned from software development to rapidly prototype the new service offering for you. This includes: brand identity, marketing, PR, operational guidelines, pricing, support, and even staffing. We provide everything you need to design and launch your new service offering and start generating a new revenue stream.

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