Frontier Service Design. We work with you to identify, build and launch new service offerings that create new sources of revenue for your organization and delight customers.


Frontier Service Design is the next generation of Frontier Media Group, one of the first interactive marketing agencies in North America. That firm was founded in 1991 and ultimately acquired by Qwest Communications in 1999.

We were ahead of the curve then (1991: “What’s interactive multimedia?”) and we believe that we are ahead of an even bigger curve today. Over the past 100 years the world has moved from an economy driven by farming to manufacturing, then to service, then to information. This country is a transition to a “design economy.” Why? Because as the world gets flatter and the creation of goods and services becomes more commoditized, scale can only get you so far. When you can find out virtually anything about anything – resources, prices, reviews – by using a browser, the only thing left that is not commoditized is innovation, creativity and design. Not design in the sense of “cool graphics” but service design in the sense of making things (particularly services) work better for customers – who are, after all, people.

We have been building toward this concept since our early days in interactive multimedia. We began by designing ways in which people interacted with media and software. Today, we focus on ways in which people interact with our clients and their companies – from the brand promise, to the buying decision cycle, to the actual service experience itself, and its’ follow up. From small to large, local to international, we have a wide range of experience with both B2B and B2C in industries like pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, energy professional services, and entertainment.

If you’re interested in discovering entirely new revenue streams for your company – that can recur monthly or annually – based upon your existing assets of people, products, technologies or intellectual capital, then call us today at 610-440-4027, or contact us by email.

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